Fleet Cards Europe

The voice of independent
fleet card providers in europe

Our membership options

Why join Fleet Card Europe?​

Fleet Cards Europe is the only industry association dedicated to representing fleet card issuers in Europe and the specific challenges facing this sector

Work alongside all major fleet card issuers active in Europe on the major issues facing the industry, with the benefit of country-level insights and knowledge

Stay abreast of key issues with in-depth monitoring reports, detailing the latest regulatory developments

Dedicated Brussels-based Secretariat with expertise in European affairs and the topics and events impacting the fleet card sector

Two membership streams, representing value for money

Membership options​

Full membership​

Who is it for?

Independent fleet card issuers operating in Europe

Benefits of full membership include:

  • Right to appoint the Board of Directors, incl. President, Vice-President and Treasurer
  • Leading working groups and other association bodies
  • Voting in the FCE General Assembly
Associate membership​

Who is it for?

Companies and associations as well as natural persons

Benefits of associate membership include:

  • Participation in working groups and other association bodies
  • Access to EU policy intelligence and analysis, as well as communication materials and information
  • Participation in the FCE General Assembly

How to join

If you are interested in becoming a member of Fleet Cards Europe, or would like to know more about our membership offering, please get in touch with us using our contact form or email: fleetcardseurope@pentagroup.co