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fleet card providers in europe

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Our key messages

Secure & transparent
As fleet cards can be used to purchase a very limited number of goods and services related to mobility on the road, such as fuel, lubricants, tolls, etc., they reduce the risk of payment fraud and provide companies with a secure way to manage their transport costs.
Not payment cards
Fleet cards can only be used in the network of fuel/service stations where the card issuer has a partnership. This “closed loop” model distinguishes fleet cards from typical payment cards, such as credit or debit cards, which operate via large schemes. Fleet cards have been given a special status under the EU's Payment Services Directive.
Smart solutions reduce emissions
Fleet card issuers offer their customers digital solutions to optimally manage fleets. Using telematics and smart digital platforms, more efficient routes can be planned, eliminating so-called “empty runs” and reducing emissions.
Essential infrastructure
To help meet climate targets, drivers need sufficient access to alternative fuels and energy sources. The infrastructure to deliver alternative fuels is currently lacking and we believe that investment in this area is an urgent priority.
Technology neutral
A range of solutions and technologies is needed to meet EU emissions targets in road transport – no single solution will provide the answer to all our energy needs. Policymakers should ensure a level playing field between different solutions, basing policies on evidence and scientific data.
Facilitating cross-border tax collection
Fleet cards not only benefit customers’ cross-border business, they also facilitate government collection of fuel taxes and VAT. The EU has a role to play in ensuring regulatory coherence between member government jurisdictions.